Stephanos Karydakis SA celebrates 50 years

The Printing House Stephanos Karydakis SA celebrates 50 years as a leading company in the printing sector.

The founder Stephanos Karydakis, after his studies in the Fachhochschule for Printing in Stuttgart, Germany, he was engaged as Director in some of the leading printing factories in Greece. Until 1966, when together with his brother Leonidas, started the printing house Karydakis Bros, which later was changed in the today’s name.

The company is, since its establishment, one of the leading printing companies based on the highest quality and got involved in the promotional and advertising materials and later in the paper-labeling-market. The biggest multinational and local companies from all sectors have printed their materials at Stephanos Karydakis SA.

In the same time, the company created a publishing house of specialized magazines in Greece and Cyprus, which has already a history of 37 years.

The last 19 years, Stephanos Karydakis SA is specialized in the printing of plastic labels and has developed a major export sector. 70% of its production is being exported to 23 countries worldwide, mainly Germany, UK and South Africa.

The company is currently positioned among the top 4 of the biggest IML-producers worldwide and employs 100 people.

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